Sweet Stuff

Lemon Fork Cookies

Oreo Bombs



Balsamic Syrup



Spinach and Mushroom Romanoff

Anniversary Chicken

Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken Las Vegas

Christmas Recipes

Rudolph Pancakes

Snowman Pizzas

Gingerbread house cookies

(12 Days of Christmas Recipes)

Day # 1 Pear Galette

Day #2 Turtle Dessert

Day #3 Coq Au Vin

Day #4 Calling Bird Cookies

Day #5 Golden Onion Rings

Day # 6 Sausage and Parsley Baked Eggs

Day # 7 Milk Punch

Day # 8 Swan Noodle Soup

Day # 9 Kicked Up Salsa

Day # 10 Lords A Leaping Cocktail, Poor Knights of Windsor, Quiche Lorraine

Day # 11 Piped Potatoes

Say # 12 Spicy Drumsticks


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