Best Royal Wedding Photo Ever!

Love this little girl!


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High Risk For Tornados

“We are in the midst of a potential historic tornado outbreak.  Northeast Mississippi, central/northern Alabama, middle Tennessee and northwest Georgia all fall under the greatest threat zone. Significant tornadoes have already struck Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, Alabama. ”

Damn!  Andy is in New York and that leaves me to work out whether we spend the night in the basement…I know that you would think it was a no brainer, but what if we are not affected?  The girls have CRCT’s tomorrow (end of year exams)  a night in the basement is a night of no sleep…not what you want before an exam…

We score an 8, that means a high probability of a tornado; but even if one hits, it is not likely to strike our house – really…I have walked through the aftermath of a tornado and it is so bizarre how only one pine tree in a group can have its top ripped off – or one house loses its roof in a row…what are the chances huh? Huh?

But on the other hand these are my kids we are talking about, why am I taking any risk at all.

Honestly when I held my new borns in my arms, I never dreamed I’d be worrying about tornados…boys, broken hearts,acne – I’m ready, but tornados?


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We banned Poptropica

Our front yard is 2/3rds lawn and 1/3rd wooded area.  Except our wooded area was nasty, so Andy and I broke our backs yesterday, chopping down trees and clearing undergrowth, so it is back to a pretty woodland area again…We have big plans to plant rhodedendrons, gardenias, and camellias…even add a seating area.  By evening we were stiff and sore and ready for a beer and bed. 


The deer and rabbits keep eating my hostas. I have read that Irish Spring soap will keep them away. Fingers crossed they grow big enough to cover the soap! Alternatively, Andy can come out after dark and pee...that works too, but maybe not for the neighbors.

It looks a lot bigger when you have a rake in your hand…


 However, the kids were playing  Poptropica.  No big deal we thought – it is aimed at the 6 to 15-year-old market.  It always seemed harmless, so when Jojo and Imogen said they were freaked out by the Jersey Devil, we didn’t really take much notice.

Boy, we were taking notice at 1am this morning when the girls had worked themselves up into hysterics …eventually Andy dragged his poor, broken-backed stiff body into Imogen’s bed, so the girls could sleep with me!  Not a great night for anyone!  In case you are wondering exactly how evil-looking the Jersey Devil is, here is a photo – brace yourself….


They are not allowed to play Poptropica again for a long while!

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Friday, wonderful Friday!

Imogen and friends

I swear I did not have homework at elementary school.   I know Andy didn’t… But our girls have been doing homework since they were in kindergarten, so Fridays like today are so wonderful…   All of the girls brought a friend or two home after school and by 4 pm the house was full of girls (and one boy) laughing and messing and gossiping, without a thought of tomorrow. 

It’s what childhood is all about…

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I thought there was nowhere safer than our backyard for the kids to play outside.  It’s fenced the whole way round, the gates have padlocks, there is no water for them to fall into…so this completely freaked me out. 

they could have been seriously hurt...

The branch fell at about 4pm on a calm, still, sunny afternoon – just the sort of afternoon the kids may have scrambled over the play set…

now they play in the street - with the cars


and the weirdos...

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Imogen’s Essay

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  I think I’ll just go and hug her really tight…

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Sea World

We also spent a few days at Sea World in Orlando.  We spent the morning waiting out a thunderstorm in the hotel (kind of a daily happening in Florida), and were not sure whether to spend the huge amount of entrance money for Sea World just for an afternoon.  However when we got there, they had a weird deal where you could come in for the day, or for exactly the same amount of money you could get a pass to come back all year…we live 7 hours drive away – no brainer!  Now we are working out when the girls next have a day off school, so we can make a long weekend of Sea World again!

The dolphin show was amazing!

Shamu the killer whale is a big boy and splashes a lot, this is a bonus apparently....

They seemed very happy off stage as well

Who says big isn't beautiful?!

The Manta, none of the girls wanted to ride it...maybe next time

I don’t know what it is, but what a fabulous color!

am I the only one who loves the coral and anenomies more than the fish?

I love jelly fish!


Niamhy not so much….. 

checking the map to make sure we haven't missed anything, note the sunglasses - this means I actually got to wear my hat this time!

all this, and time for something tacky and tasteless too!

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