My name is Annie West, Annie Mary West.  I am married to Andy West, an  English Gentleman – yes they exist but they come heavily disguised.  We live in Georgia with our three amazing daughters; nine year old Niamhy, serene, cheerful and diplomatic; eight year old Jojo, enthusiastic, sensitive and incredibly entertaining; and five year old Imogen, feminine, sociable and a whirlwind.  Our family is completed by Goldie Hawn, a five year old ugly yellow labrador husky mix (the ugliness is only skin deep) and Bruce Willis a  three year old Catahoula Leopard dog with a heart of gold and a few issues about imaginary intruders…  With three young children and two dogs in the house all I can say is that when we replace our incredibly impractical cream carpets I want Georgia clay colored carpets  please….

I was born in the UK – just.   By the time I was seven weeks old, my family had relocated to Uganda.  As a family, we did not return permenantly to the UK until I was 18 although I went to an English boarding school at 11.  Did we have midnight feasts?  Yes. Did the school look like Hogwarts?  Without the magic – yes.   Was it fun?  NO, CHILDREN DO NOT BELONG IN INSTITUTIONS…Though my children seem hellbent on sending me back into one 90% of the time.    I have clearer memories of the dormitories in the school than I do of my bedroom at home – that is just wrong.

So here I am, an English woman living in the South, half the time I can’t decide whether it’s weird here or if it’s only weird because I am an ‘alien’.  I’m pretty sure it’s the former…

I also blog at www.lessgutsmoreglory.wordpress.com


3 responses to “About

  1. Awww…X
    Was so lovely to meet you at CyberMummy….I was so shocked that you were there, totally unexpected. :0)

  2. Hi there! Nice to blog-meet you, thanks for your comment on Mummy’s Little Monkey – I love your pics too! I’m now following you, so you’d better keep posting lots of interesting stuff LOL!! 🙂

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