High Risk For Tornados

“We are in the midst of a potential historic tornado outbreak.  Northeast Mississippi, central/northern Alabama, middle Tennessee and northwest Georgia all fall under the greatest threat zone. Significant tornadoes have already struck Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, Alabama. ” www.weather.com

Damn!  Andy is in New York and that leaves me to work out whether we spend the night in the basement…I know that you would think it was a no brainer, but what if we are not affected?  The girls have CRCT’s tomorrow (end of year exams)  a night in the basement is a night of no sleep…not what you want before an exam…

We score an 8, that means a high probability of a tornado; but even if one hits, it is not likely to strike our house – really…I have walked through the aftermath of a tornado and it is so bizarre how only one pine tree in a group can have its top ripped off – or one house loses its roof in a row…what are the chances huh? Huh?

But on the other hand these are my kids we are talking about, why am I taking any risk at all.

Honestly when I held my new borns in my arms, I never dreamed I’d be worrying about tornados…boys, broken hearts,acne – I’m ready, but tornados?



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2 responses to “High Risk For Tornados

  1. Good grief I just googled this and they are counting the tornados in the hundreds! That’s crazy weather! I’m a woose so I’d probably have went for the basement – unless you have several baths?

    As an aside – there’s too much testing in schools. If you ask me 😉

  2. Caught it on the news – it sounds terrifying! Hope you are all safe.

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