We banned Poptropica

Our front yard is 2/3rds lawn and 1/3rd wooded area.  Except our wooded area was nasty, so Andy and I broke our backs yesterday, chopping down trees and clearing undergrowth, so it is back to a pretty woodland area again…We have big plans to plant rhodedendrons, gardenias, and camellias…even add a seating area.  By evening we were stiff and sore and ready for a beer and bed. 


The deer and rabbits keep eating my hostas. I have read that Irish Spring soap will keep them away. Fingers crossed they grow big enough to cover the soap! Alternatively, Andy can come out after dark and pee...that works too, but maybe not for the neighbors.

It looks a lot bigger when you have a rake in your hand…


 However, the kids were playing  Poptropica.  No big deal we thought – it is aimed at the 6 to 15-year-old market.  It always seemed harmless, so when Jojo and Imogen said they were freaked out by the Jersey Devil, we didn’t really take much notice.

Boy, we were taking notice at 1am this morning when the girls had worked themselves up into hysterics …eventually Andy dragged his poor, broken-backed stiff body into Imogen’s bed, so the girls could sleep with me!  Not a great night for anyone!  In case you are wondering exactly how evil-looking the Jersey Devil is, here is a photo – brace yourself….


They are not allowed to play Poptropica again for a long while!


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