Sea World

We also spent a few days at Sea World in Orlando.  We spent the morning waiting out a thunderstorm in the hotel (kind of a daily happening in Florida), and were not sure whether to spend the huge amount of entrance money for Sea World just for an afternoon.  However when we got there, they had a weird deal where you could come in for the day, or for exactly the same amount of money you could get a pass to come back all year…we live 7 hours drive away – no brainer!  Now we are working out when the girls next have a day off school, so we can make a long weekend of Sea World again!

The dolphin show was amazing!

Shamu the killer whale is a big boy and splashes a lot, this is a bonus apparently....

They seemed very happy off stage as well

Who says big isn't beautiful?!

The Manta, none of the girls wanted to ride it...maybe next time

I don’t know what it is, but what a fabulous color!

am I the only one who loves the coral and anenomies more than the fish?

I love jelly fish!


Niamhy not so much….. 

checking the map to make sure we haven't missed anything, note the sunglasses - this means I actually got to wear my hat this time!

all this, and time for something tacky and tasteless too!


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