Where is her Father when she (I) needs him?

Imogen got a bike for her birthday last May.

Imogen can ride her bike.

Imogen thinks she can’t.

‘I’m unbalanced Mommy,’ *snort*

For the last three days I have driven Imogen and her bike to a neighboring elementary school after hours and then hung onto the handle bars as she hurtles at high-speed along the paths around the schools shrieking like a banshee.  She is having so much fun!

I don’t think my lungs can take much more pounding…

It has got to be Andy’s turn, right?  Only Andy would kick her out into the street outside her home and tell her to get on with it – and then she would go into the garage and get out her scooter and we are back where we started…so for the next few evenings I will be heading to the elementary school for some more ‘fun’.



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2 responses to “Where is her Father when she (I) needs him?

  1. Are you cycling too? Or sitting on her handlebars? Exhausted for you, either way!

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