The Safari that wasn’t…

After three consecutive sunny weekends with the temperature in the 70’s, we woke up to a wet cloudy miserable day.   The forecast for the area where the safari is was cold, rainy, and with thunderstorms all day…not good!  I spent one evening last week in the basement because a thunderstorm brought potential tornadoes with it, I was not about to wander around looking for miserable wet creatures hiding under trees in a thunder-storm!  Call me selfish…

Hanging around the house in the morning turned out to be a good alternative because one of the guests was two and a half hours late!  Two and a half hours!   They live 25 minutes away and there are no road works or major road delays between us and them.  I don’t blame Jojo’s friend, she is a sweet girl and she obviously wasn’t driving, but Mom?  That’s just rude.  Sadly for Jojo and her friend, I will not be inviting her to anything again.

We went out for lunch and both Jojo and her little sister ordered macaroni and cheese with a side of mash potato!  That’s Southern dining at it’s finest!!  Of course, I was so irate with the bad manners of one of the moms, I forgot my camera.

What do you do with 6 girls on a rainy Saturday afternoon?  We took them bowling!  Guess what?  Everyone else in Georgia went bowling too…no lanes were available.  Instead, they rode on the motor bikes in the arcade, went bumper car racing and played a game of laser tag.

In seven and a half minutes of laser tag, Jojo fired 165 shots, hit 32 opponents, got hit 28 times and rose to the rank of Star Commander.  Accuracy? 19%

Niamhy fired only 57 shots, hit 13 opponents, got hit 19 times and rose to the rank of Solar Captain.  Accuracy? 22%

Imogen was the interesting seven and a half minutes she got hit 30 times and fired no shots!! Can’t work out if her ‘pistol’ was misfiring or if she was…Somehow she managed to rise to the heady rank of Cosmic Sargeant.   Back to training camp for her.

I think the girls had a good time, not what they were expecting, but hey, that’s life…

riding the bikes in the arcade

Imogen the biker

Niamhy with Jojo riding shotgun


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