A Week in the Twilight Zone

Last Thursday I got out of my car in a parking lot, the car next to me was idling and I glanced at the driver seat – to see a Yorkshire Terrier in the driver’s seat…no one else in the car.  Presumably he just popped out for some kibble.  I walked to the store and opened the door, it was a small young-teen clothing boutique, I wanted to buy something for Jojo for her birthday.  I walked all the way to the back of the store before I realised how quiet it was.  No music, no customers and, um, no store assistants – I had just broken into a store that had not yet opened.  Is it breaking in if the door isn’t locked?  I don’t know, I left…later I spoke to the manager and told her what happened and she gave me a 50% discount on Jojo’s clothes…who says crime doesn’t pay?!

Jojo has 30 kids in her class, do you know how heavy 30 cupcakes are?  On Friday, Andy drove Niamhy to the bus stop just so I could act as cupcake porter for her. 



On Saturday, Sebastian disappeared…at about noon he went out through a top floor window and didn’t come back till 7:30am on Sunday morning, strolling in with his tail in the air, no explanation as to where he had been and hungry as hell, a bit like a teenager.  I have renamed him Shitty Kitty.

maybe 'Shredder' would be a good name....

On Sunday, we went to Georgia Aquarium, Jojo named one of the stingrays – ‘Pineapples’  obviously.   Not.

touching shrimp = ok, eating them? bleurgh!

On Monday, I got on the scales and I had put on nearly 10lbs.  on Tuesday I lost it all again – what?!

Tonight we went to a restaurant food tasting event at Niamhy’s middle school and one of the pizza guys gave me 2 slices for the price of one – why?  Because I am the PTA president of the local elementary school, did I just accept a bribe?

On Saturday we are taking 5 girls to an Animal Safari – bring it on 🙂


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