Tis the Season of Extravagant Birthday Parties

Imogen just came back from a major party for her BFF who just turned 8.  They went by limo to a nail salon for a deluxe mani/pedi.  Imogen can’t stop talking about the ‘weird gloves’ they wore at the nail salon and how good the foot massage was and how they tried the lotion in the limo and drank all the sparkling cranberry juice. 

Thank goodness they also played some great giggly, ‘ we’re just seven and eight’ games too…like egg toss.  Two children, one egg tossed between them as they progressively move further and further away from each other…got to end in messy fun! 

The egg that wouldn't break..Imogen brought it home - well of course she did..

 They also went to P.F. Chang’s for dinner…oh to be a fly on the wall for that one.

It was a sleep over too and I have just brought my sleepy, pyjama clad, baby home, resplendent with polka dot nails.  So I was a little surprised when she told me that she didn’t get much breakfast and could she please have something to eat?  Do they sound like the sort of party hosts who would not serve up a decent breakfast?!

Me: What did they give you for breakfast?

Imogen: Oh, I just had two pancakes, two sausages and some bacon.

Me: ????

Obviously it takes a lot of calorie burning to party hard….

Kudos to the nail technician for painting those itty, bitty chewn little nails...


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