The Choking Game

Yesterday my baby turned twelve.  Yesterday a student in her school, also twelve, killed himself.  Was he depressed? No.  Was he unpopular? No.  He was a happy, sporty, outgoing boy…who played the choking game and lost.  HOW FUCKING STUPID. 

I was at the school this morning.  I watched boys shaking so hard from shock I thought they would throw up.  I watched girls cling to each other, tears rolling down their cheeks.  I watched an incredible team of ‘crisis’ counselors listen, help, advise and  comfort his contemporaries.  I hope they continue to shake, I hope they do throw up, I hope they cry themselves to sleep tonight and every night for a long, long time.  Because then maybe, just maybe, they won’t play the dumbest game in the world themselves.

The Choking Game


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  1. I’d never heard of this and just watched a Sky News report on it. My 15yo daughter said “teenagers are stupid” – quite. I’m utterly shocked.

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