The Superbowl West Style

Niamhy has friends who grew up in Pittsburgh, so she is supporting the Steelers.  Fair ’nuff.

Jojo’s home room teacher is a Packers fan and has told the class they will get cake if the Packers win, so Jojo is cheering on the Packers…ok, greedy, but ok.

Imogen announced she wanted the Alpacas to win…that’s a different sport altogether…

Actually Imogen taught me a little about friendship this afternoon.  Her BFF in the neighborhood turned up at our door step and asked if Imogen could come to a little pregame party they were throwing (turns out it was a surprise party for the parents too…).  Imogen grabbed her coat and rushed for the door with me yelling at her, ‘at least brush your hair’ . She turned and looked at me in complete surprise and said, ‘She won’t mind, she’s my best friend’.  Shut my mouth – a 7-year-old just told me that she and her friends are mature enough not to judge by appearances…



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2 responses to “The Superbowl West Style

  1. Wise girl, your Imogen! God Bless her

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