What the Hell is it?

Niamhy, Jojo and I have all been laid low by a headache that takes two to three days to go away and no pain-killer can touch…Weird.  A 6th grader and woman in the neighborhood also had the same, err, virus?

Glad it’s gone.  Andy has been freaking about meningitis, I’m more worried about being well enough to go on the brewery tour we have arranged for Saturday.  Priorities people!



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2 responses to “What the Hell is it?

  1. Weird indeed. And sounds like you might have a different kind of headache altogether on Sunday!

    • veryanniemary

      I was more excited by the tour than the tasting, but it was dang good beer! $4 per head and you got 4 pints, a free glass and a tour…can’t argue with that.

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