I went to the store early one morning.  As I was unloading my cart at the check out, the check out person said to me, “I can’t sell you that wine”.   Huh?  I had my ID with me, just in case they can’t tell from my appearance that I am over 21 *tee hee*.  

 It wasn’t a Sunday, living in the Bible belt you can’t buy wine or any other alcohol on a Sunday, even though it’s drunk in every church in the State on a Sunday…

‘Why not?’ I asked. 

‘Because it is before 8am’ (It was 7:40am)

I just don’t get it…I understand I live in a deeply religious area, I respect that, I’ve learned to buy wine on any day except Sunday, but I don’t get the before 8am bit.  Can anyone explain this to me?  I would have a better time understanding if she said not before 11am, then I could imagine the city officials sitting in their ivory tower and deciding that us peasants couldn’t buy alcohol before lunchtime, but 8am?  Why?   Are they protecting us from an alcoholic breakfast?

I’m telling you, this state is nuts…



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3 responses to “Really?!

  1. I would laugh – I would say “Ha – stooopid” if I hadn’t been caught out by the same stoopid law here in Scotland. We can’t buy alcohol now before 10 am. There was always a curfew on off-sales after 10pm but am?? WTF? Daft thing is they brought it in last Christmas, so there I was in Tesco filling my trolley with a gazillion calories and oodles of wine, you know, for the festivities, and I had to put the wine back. It was around 8:30 and I wasn’t about to hang around. Neither did I go back, so I guess it’s a boon for local stores… I ended up stocking the booze cupboard from the Co-Op next door 😉

    I don’t get it, I’m pretty certain the country isn’t full of people getting tanked up on their way to work. Just another example of state driven social engineering, making the majority feel like uncontrollable alcoholics.

    I do, however, laugh at the IDing in Georgia, I’ve been IDed, my DAD’s been IDed (he was in his FIFTIES at the time) and my Dad’s friend was refused a beer in a bar when he couldn’t produced ID (he was also in his fifties but in all honestly could have passed for sixty…). Nuts. Never had a problem in Florida.

    • veryanniemary

      You can say “Ha-Stooopid” for all those times I have got my ID out and waved it around in states that don’t require ID. Now that is stooopid, cos all the check out staff can obviously tell
      I’m over 21….

  2. I meant the stooopid law of course…. I guess just cos we have it too doesn’t mean it’s NOT stoooopid….. or does it? 😉

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