The Gallery – Mother Nature

just a photo of a fern, but it makes me want to slow down and take a deep breath

I woke up at six am this morning and realized its Wednesday.  This means 2 things – 1) it’s 6am – or noon in the UK, Tara’s gallery will have at least 60 entries already and 2) I’m going on a bike ride with a friend this morning and it’s gonna hurt tomorrow….

This week’s theme is Mother Nature…not easy for me because I like photographing my kids and my pets not a lot else (I know, I know uber-momsy of me).

So here are my offerings:

Rock City in Tennessee has the most amazing natural rock formations, but my favorite is Fat Man’s Squeeze, the kids insist on going in front of Andy, just in case he gets stuck *snort*.

He hasn't actually got stuck yet, but if he does I promise I will photograph his attempts to get free

Then there is the view from our deck, always a reminder of how lucky I am…


the first snow fall on Christmas day for 136 years

That brings me to summer, it’s hot, it’s humid, it’s teeming with bugs and I love it all;

But my favorite nature photo of all isn’t even in color, it was taken on Cumberland Island on the coast of Georgia, a really strong reminder that Mother Nature is in charge not us….

That's one sad car...



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7 responses to “The Gallery – Mother Nature

  1. That’s an amazing collection of photo’s

  2. Wow! What stunning pohotogrpahs, each one a masterpiece.

    I have to say I wouldn’t like to walk down Fat Man’s Squeeze!

  3. A superb collection of shots that really bring out the essence of mother nature herself.

  4. Beautiful photos! You are very lucky with that view

    I lived in Atlanta for a few months. It was a very hot summer & I have to say I didn’t like it: the humidity was a killer!

    There’s obviously beauty there though 🙂

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