Thank You Rapunzel!

I haven’t participated in Tara’s photo gallery in quite a few weeks, err, months..but I am back this week only to find it’s bloody body parts – is it Madam Tussauds week, maybe Halloween?  Fortunately for me I knew just the body part to photograph.

Imogen has gorgeous hair…when it’s washed, when it’s brushed.  Unfortunately, getting her to wash it or brush it defeats me 60% of the time.  Then we went to see the movie ‘Tangled’  Oh Yeah!   The movie is delightful for little girls of all ages and I recommend it for all little girls of all ages, but for me it had another bonus…

I took a photo of Imogen’s hair after I had pinned her down and forcibly brushed out the knots, twigs and small rodents nesting in there. 

Imogen: ‘It looks like Rapunzel’s hair’

Me: ‘Like a golden waterfall, baby’

She has let me brush it everyday since then – Hallelujah!



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42 responses to “Thank You Rapunzel!

  1. Oh, hair envy! So glad she now realises how lucky she is and is letting you brush it.

  2. beautiful and as I scrolled down it was so Rapunzel – I used to love that storry as a child. (we have the same blog theme – nice to meet you)

  3. OMG! What very long hair! I never was able to grow my hair so long! I love the way it shines as well…it could be an advert! 😉


  4. Oh wow, it really is beautiful 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness….she IS Rapunzel! Beautiful

  6. That is truly beautiful hair

  7. Oh, now, I thought about taking a pic of Missy Woo’s hair. Her hair is a similar colour and length. And I feel your pain with the brushing. She likes to brush her own hair but it does get tangled up a lot, although I find having to have it tied back for school makes it better but after a hairwash drives me nuts.

    Lovely pic.

    • veryanniemary

      Tee Hee! That’s exactly what I do – I put it in a pony tail and then wrap bands along the length of it every 2 inches or so – the bands match the color of her clothes and nobody knows the size of the tangles we are hiding!

  8. Beautiful! Unfortunately my two have inherited my messy bed head gene. No matter how much we wash and brush within two seconds it looks like we’ve been through a hedge backwards.

    Long may the brushing continue!

  9. Gorgeous hair and thank goodness for Tangled!

  10. Wow, I want hair like that, gorgeous! Wish my girls would let me brush their hair…

    • veryanniemary

      I was resigned to having a daughter with the ‘just got out of bed’ look, but she changed – so don’t give up hope…

  11. Tangled rocks – wonder if my girls (aged 2 half) are too young still?
    She has beautiful hair, you can see how thick and lustrous it is, I’m so glad she’s finally come round to letting you help her

    • veryanniemary

      My girls were about that age when we started going to the movies…although I think Americans are more tolerant of little ones running up and down the aisles than Brits…

  12. Who says movies are bad lol

    Her hair looks like my middle daughters , it is Beautiful

  13. Wow, that’s some gorgeous hair 😉 @Kahanka

  14. Wow, that looks amazing! My eldest daughter is nearly 9 and her hair is about that length…’s pretty curly though so it’s a nightmare to look after!

  15. wow, what gorgeous hair! Big M has inherited my unruly curls, and Little M is currently bald. Imogen should be very proud of her lovely locks 🙂

  16. Gosh, what a fabulous head of hair.

    I may be the teeniest bit jealous!

  17. Aly

    What beautiful shiny hair!

  18. That is stunningly beautiful.

  19. Wow!! Well done for getting it brushed- my daughter screams the place down every morning!!!

  20. Wow- that really is golden gorgeouos 🙂

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