I’m going out and I may be some time…

It’s snowing again!  Don’t the snow pixies know this is Georgia?  This time we had about 6 inches – I’m dang sure that’s some kind of record.  The snow we had on Christmas day was the first time for 136 years, we might as well go for another record while we are at it…. 

The view from my study window

It’s ok though, we have lots of food, lots of firewood, lots of entertainment – we can hunker down and wait it out…except Jojo who takes medication every single day ran out….She is very reliable, I can trust her to take her meds. on time and the correct amount, but apparently I can’t trust her to let me know when she is running low…huh.  That’s a lesson I just learned the hard way.

She's smiling, cos its not her having to stagger to the store...

I phoned her doctor who, of course, was not in her office, luckily her secretary was checking messages from her home, picked up my panicky message and phoned through an emergency prescription to our pharmacy.  Our pharmacy is just 5 minutes drive – except I can’t get the car up the drive….so I pulled on my big ol’ hiking boots, wrapped up in Andy’s snow jacket and set off on foot like bloody Scott of the Antarctic…30 minutes later I skid in through the door of the store and collect the prescription from a man who is not in the least fazed that I am wearing a man’s jacket many sizes too big, am soaked though, with a woolly hat on my head that makes me look like Nanook of the North and unable to see through my glasses from the melting snow on them…he gives me her prescription, takes the money and then says….’Have a nice day’  HAVE A NICE DAY?  Is he insane?  I just spent 30 minutes struggling through the woods and school grounds on virgin snow to get here!  Then he looks at me like I’m the crazy one when I start cackling like an old crone in the middle of the store. 

My favorite story of the day is a news article Andy picked up.  A man’s car set on fire and he had to be rescued by the fire brigade.  Apparently his car was leaking oil and he was spinning the wheels so hard the friction ignited the oil.  When interviewed he said, I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting any traction….obviously no one explained to him what the six inches of white stuff was….

The fires in the evening are great though, both Goldie Hawn and Sebastian love it.  Although they don’t really like sharing with each other…

There'll be tears before bedtime...

To the victor go the spoils...

In the meantime Bruce Willis is out with the kids being a big kid himself..


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One response to “I’m going out and I may be some time…

  1. Your cat looks like my Death Cat and that fire makes me feel really cosy. Like you, I’ve been cursed by the darned snow

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