Our Own Personal Aflockalypse

The kids were desperate to try Jojo’s new seascope in the creek at the bottom of our yard, so I helped them into their furry boots and jackets when Imogen started screaming and crying like the world was ending.  Seriously I thought at least the dog had died, or the news had announced a world shortage of chocolate.  This is what she found on the deck…one little cardinal.

She’s planning a funeral and I’m thinking crap, is he the first of thousands?



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3 responses to “Our Own Personal Aflockalypse

  1. There is something so wrong in seeing such a beautiful brightly coloured bird laying still on the ground

    • veryanniemary

      I know, of all the birds it could have been, it had to be a cheerful cardinal. We love seeing them flit about the yard. I think that was a large part of Imogen’s distress…

  2. But cardinal’s are nearly people! My Mum had one (she called him Mac) who would tap on her bathroom window every morning and every night. Funny birds…. kinda remind me of robins, you can “have” a robin iykwim?

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