New Year Nerves

It is the first day of term today.  None of my girls actually want to go to school today, but Niamhy has got herself all worked up and anxious about 8th period…why?  Because in 8th period she is starting a new nine week unit.  The subject is…drum roll….P.E.  The kid gets to run around and play everyday for nine weeks and she is in tears.  I don’t get it, she looks super cute in shorts, she is a little klutzy but nothing out of the ordinary, what’s up with her? 

Niamhy's natural environment...I guess it's a long way from a gym...



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2 responses to “New Year Nerves

  1. The Boy hates PE too because he feels he is not good enough. I asked him what he did like about PE nd he said playing prirates when they all have to run around the gym without touching the floor i.e. going from mats to bars, ropes etc being chased by a priate, a bit like tag. Once he looked at the things he did like he was less nervous about the whole thing. Hope she comes home feeling happier about it all!

    • veryanniemary

      Me too Ms. Tattie, me too…although part of me, deep down in the secret evil part of my psyche, is a little bit pleased at her distress. Not for her, but because her little sister, Jojo, has decided she doesn’t want to play flute at middle school next year. If she doesn’t play an instrument, she gets to do P.E. every single day of the school year instead. Me, I want her to play flute, she can play sports after school, getting her to play flute after school will be a non starter…Maybe, if her big sister doesn’t like P.E. she might change her mind. Not nice of me, I know!

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