Our New Year’s Tradition

We are not exactly the most exciting family in the world when it comes to New Year’s Eve.   We normally stay in and see the new year in as a family, although last night was the first night all three children actually made it to midnight with their eyes open…

However, we do have a wonderful tradition for New Year’s Eve.   Every year I buy a little box – cardboard, wood, tin, it doesn’t matter…at some point in the evening the girls decorate it any way they want as long as the year is visible on it.  Last night’s box had 2011 done in shiny stickers.

decorating the 2011 box, (and watching Men in Black!)

Then we gather round the table as a family and open the box from the previous year.  Last night we opened the 2010 box…in it are five questions and the five answers to those questions from each member of the family.  Make sense?  No?

Last year’s questions were:

1. What is my biggest wish for 2010?

2. What will be the biggest surprise/event in the sporting world? (I predicted England would win the World Cup – oops).

3. What one word do you hope will describe you best in 2010?

4. Write down a New Year’s resolution but remember we will be reading this in a year!

5.  How will 2010 be different from 2009?

The only rules are you have to be honest, kind and you can’t know the answer.

Each year the questions change, for example, this year we asked where we thought we would go on vacation for Spring Break.  One year we asked which child would change the most in that year and why…The questions are not hard for little ones, we have done this since Imogen was 4, because they answer the questions according to their own experience and out look on the world.

It makes a stay at home with the family New Year’s a fun evening.

thisyear's box was very Faberge

I store the boxes with the Christmas decorations so they are always out and on display in December ready for the 31st.


We also eat Chicken Las Vegas…so easy and so good, but only if you want to let your waistband out a little….

 Chicken Las Vegas 

6 chicken breasts 

1 can mushroom soup (here in the South many recipes have mushroom soup in them, I think General Lee must have liked it.) 

½ pint sour cream 

1 jar of dried chipped beef (I actually prefer to put in a packet of bacon bits meant to go over salad.) 

Stir together the last three ingredients. 

Pour them over the chicken and cook on low for 5-6 hours. 

Serve with whatever the heck you like – I’ve served it with potatoes, rice and noodles – it was great with all of them.  The only healthy ingredient in this recipe is the chicken which is why I don’t serve it too often!  I added mushrooms to the crock pot last night and that worked very well.



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6 responses to “Our New Year’s Tradition

  1. Absolutely love this idea, I think we’re going to steal it – might adapt it slightly for 5yo, but I think keeping the boxes is just so special – thanks for the post.

    • veryanniemary

      You are welcome! I hope you have much fun with it. Don’t adapt the questions too much, as you might miss a classic answer. Imogen was 4 when we asked which girl would change the most and why. I knew her whispered answer as I was her scribe that year, and it nearly killed me keeping quiet for the whole year. The rest of us had answered Imogen as she was going to kindergarten, but Imogen herself answered, ‘Niamhy because she had the most clothes’. Priceless!

  2. I too will be paying homage to your idea, I think it is am amaing thing to do. Thanks for the inspiration

    • veryanniemary

      Go for it! I’m excited that I could pass on a fun activity. One word of warning – make sure the kids do the best handwriting they can. One year later it can be hard to read what they wrote when they are little.

  3. Chandalyn Pulmano

    You my friend are an amazing mom! You have 3 very, very lucky girls!

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