Why we will not be eating turkey this Christmas

Living in the States means that food is cheap, a lot cheaper than the UK.  Ok, a lot of US food is probably more at home in chemistry lab than a kitchen, but hey.

The turkeys here are huge and plentiful, but do the West clan really want one this Christmas?  Should we buy one just because tradition dictates we should?  If we are going down the traditional route, maybe I’ll buy the head of a boar or a goose…Of course, no one will actually eat them in this family, and I have no clue where to buy a boar’s head anyway!  However, that is what Brits ate at Christmas before a dude named William Strickland imported six turkeys from the States in 1526 and sold them for tuppence each in Bristol.  That is some going – from 6 birds then to 10 million in the UK last year!

Want more academia?  How about this?  A turkey’s scientific name is Meleagris gallopava from Latin gallus, meaning cock, and pavo, meaning chicken like.  Another strong reason for not eating turkey, who wants to admit to eating chicken cock?!  Not this mama…

15 years ago, I knew a family in the UK who ate roast beef for Christmas lunch, because beef was the expensive luxury meat.  I don’t know the price of beef in the UK these days, heck, I don’t even know if the cows are still mad… or if that family are still chewing on cows at Crimbo time…but they started their own new tradition, and I am too.  This year the West Family will be eating roast Ginger Tom…Sebastian peed on my dry-clean-only bed cover, so it’s only fair I get to eat him….right? Right?

looking tasty

Nah, it would take too long to pluck him



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3 responses to “Why we will not be eating turkey this Christmas

  1. We had goose one year ala Delia and it was utterly delish… but oh so expensive – a fresh goose for 8 will set you back around £60, tis a decadent thing indeed stuffed with prunes in armagnac… much nomness.

    Plucking the cat would be cheaper. Please film such an endeavour and I can watch it during the Queen’s speech.

    • veryanniemary

      How much?!!! That is the power of the Divine Delia for you. She said it was good and you stumped up a king’s ransom for a birdie…

      Sebastian is fattening up nicely for the big day…

  2. She who will be obeyed – I can’t remember ever having a non-Delia Christmas – perish the thought!

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