Am I the only one creeped out?

I really felt horrible for Kate Middleton, when I heard she was wearing Diana’s engagement ring.  Am I the only one?  That ring represents the beginning of the end of Diana’s life, until that point she seems to have been happy.  Then Charles gives her that ring and it all goes horribly wrong ending in her early death.

I am not so stupid as to think the ring itself caused any of that, but it was a very bad marriage and the ring is symbolic…not a great omen for the next royal couple to get married.



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8 responses to “Am I the only one creeped out?

  1. I think Prince William explained it well. He sees the ring as a link with the mother he loved and what could be more natural than giving that ring to the woman he loves now. Charles giving Diana the ring may have been the beginning of the end for Diana but it was also brought about Prince William and Harry both modern royals taking the family firm into the the next century and doing it very well.

    • veryanniemary

      I guess a son loves his mother, and yes, I think both boys are great, but I still think that it was an insensitive move. Better to have used the stone in a different setting, part of the old to honor his mother and a new setting for his future with Kate. I guess if Kate is happy then it’s none of my business!

  2. I too didn’t quite like it for the same reasons you mention… though it’s a beautiful ring 😉

    • veryanniemary

      That it is! In direct contrast, my engagement ring has the tiniest chips of diamonds you ever did see (but only with a magnifying glass), and that is just wonderful by me…

  3. Julie Barnette

    I thought it was creepy, too! The ring may be a connection to his mother, but it’s a symbol of a failed marriage. Reminds me of the “Hope Diamond” and that ring was cursed!

    • veryanniemary

      My number one stalker – actually commented! Yay! Let’s just hope this marriage isn’t cursed…she seems like a sensible lass. I hope!

  4. I think totally creeped out is a perfect description of how I felt. Standing there in royal blue to match the sapphire…. flashback!

    It’s not so much the symbol of a failed marriage but the symbol of an arranged marriage, a loveless union to provide an heir and a spare. You only have to watch the engagement interview from 1981.. when asked if they are in love Charles replies “whatever in love means”. Prat.

    • veryanniemary

      An heir and a spare, I had forgotten that expression! My Dad used to say that once Diana performed her brood mare duties – she was pretty much free to get on with the rest of her life. I remember Prince Chuck saying something about how when he met her, she seemed like a good breeder, he didn’t use those terms, but that is what he meant…

      I just pray that Middleton’s wedding dress is as far removed from the Emmanuel , err, creation, as possible….

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