Thanksgiving Mayhem!

The school offers a thanksgiving lunch for parents to come and eat with their children during the week before Thanksgiving.  It is held over three days, as we get nearly 1000 guests over and above the 870 children!  That is a lot of turkey!!

Thanksgiving lunch, school dinner you can't identify everything on the plate!

The kids write what they are thankful for on little paper leaves, which are left for the parents to find on the tables…Jojo, being Jojo, wrote that she was thankful for her family, sleep and fortune cookies…I guess she is looking forward to the weekend, when she can sleep in and spend time with her family!  We might even eat chinese…Imogen, being Imogen, wrote how she had the perfect family and could she have more cuddles? – at least I that is what I read into it -Sure thing baby girl.

Imogen wearing my turkey butt hat

I always serve at all three lunches and I always wear my turkey butt hat!  I am the picture of sartorial elegance in it – honest….The kids react in one of three ways when they see me in my butt hat; they either tell me something like, I like your chicken hat; or mug me to try it on for themselves, but there is always a few kids who look at me in horror and you can practically hear them thinking, ‘get the f@#k away from me weirdo! ‘  happy times…

Jojo isn't half so scary in it as me!

Jojo's leaf...

 This year I made both girls eat the lunch, normally they would ask for packed lunches – (they are the experts after all), Imogen was quite surprised at how good the turkey was, her exact words were, ‘Mom, this pork tastes really good!’  Out of the mouths of babes.


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