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Imogen visited South Africa this morning, she made corn soup, heard some S.A. stories and even learned a little Afrikaans!  She also made this…

It''s a Ndebele mural, well of course it is....

Last Saturday morning she went to China, ate some kind of rice dish, and made chinese lanterns – which seem to be multiplying…maybe they are related to pigeons, they are in my study, in the kitchen, in Andy’s study…

The kitchen lantern

The lantern in Andy's study (the dog was a gift from Imogen too)


While she travels the globe , her big sisters are producing a movie – on the computer.  They know the parts of a camera, the elements of a good movie, how to story board, and can digitally edit with the best of them!   Why?

Because all three attend Georgia State University’s Saturday School for Scholars and Leaders…and before ya’ll give me a hard time about elitism etc. all you need is to prove your child can keep up academically (test results of As and Bs), and get a letter of recommendation from a teacher, and what teacher is going to say, ‘no, I don’t want any child in my class excelling, and exploring areas I can’t offer in the classroom’?  Exactly!   Getting a letter of recommendation was one of the easiest things I have had to do recently.

Am I pushing my kids?  Please!  Have you tried getting a 6th grader out of bed on a Saturday morning to do something they don’t want to do?  They LOVE it. 

So if your kid is a good student, gets a little bored, needs challenging, and would love to explore areas they don’t normally get to explore (the girls have even learned how to design zoo exhibits at Atlanta Zoo with this program), then you could do worse than check out GSU’s Saturday school!

In the interests of fairness I will give you the three downsides to this program; 1) it costs $175 per child for the 5 week session. 2) I have to hang around the university for three hours every Saturday morning, cos it’s not really a place I want to leave a 7, 10 and 11-year-old alone.  3) Jojo has now decided the sky is the limit – quite literally, and wants to learn to fly planes – like now – because if you qualify, you can start at 9 years old….and she’s 10, so she needs to get a move on.  What???!

ready for take off Captain...(help)


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