Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. West, it’s a boy!

Sebastian Winky Boy came home with us on Friday.  Goldie Hawn and Bruce Willis are not happy.

In the UK he is a ginger tom, in the US, an orange tabby. I like ginger tom better

look at that cute little tooth, sticking out!


He seems to be settling in ok.   He had his first poop at 3am this morning, after being in the house more than 24 hours.  He was sooo happy – he came and woke Andy and I up, purring like a steam train, and climbing on, in, and under the bedclothes, pushing his face into our hands and padding at our prone bodies with his paws.  (We were already woken by the tremendous noise he made scratching around in the kitty litter, you would think he was a small tiger).  If he gets this excited every time he poops, we may have to move his litter box out of our bathroom.



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4 responses to “Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. West, it’s a boy!

  1. Welcome Sebastian Winky Boy you are truly magnificent. As much as I love my dogs and I really really do I have a horrid soft spot a wekness if you like for certain cats…Big Ginger Toms are right up there with daft Siamese!!!

    • veryanniemary

      He has the loudest purr in the universe – or maybe that’s because he ‘whispers’ in my ear when I’m asleep. Either he becomes diurnal, or I become nocturnal….but he is gorgious

  2. No doubt it will come to us all one day – this excitement 😀

    • veryanniemary

      Hello you! Glad you are still exercising your right to free speech… Yup, it’s all go here on the cat poop front, but at my age, there is only so much night time poop celebrating I can do…

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