Sebastian Winky Boy

On Tuesday after school, Jojo has a flute lesson.  They cut band in school, so now she plays in a private band, they are really not as good as I just made them sound!!  However, that gives Imogen and I  an hour to hang around waiting for her.  Rather than go home and then come back, we usually lurk in the local pet store.  They have a Doggy Day Care, and Imogen loves to stare at the puppies and they love to stare at her too.  I think they know she would be good to play with.  Alas, a big glass wall separates them.   After that, we check out the groomers at the back of the store, in case a doggy is being trimmed, always a laugh.   Then we look at the small pet section, so cute when they sleep on their wheel or in a tube…


so cute!

 Then we look at the birds, fish and reptiles.

Imogen thought these guys were funny, I did too for different reasons

Finally we do the cats up for adoption section, and that is where we found him, Sebastian.  Instantly named Sebastian Winky Boy by us, for obvious reasons. 

He was dumped by his previous owner and no one knows how he lost his eye.

What a sweetie!  Luckily for us, the volunteer who looks after the cats turned up, and let us in behind the locked doors so Sebastian Winky Boy could come out, and say hello.  He was a great big love monster!  He wanted to kiss. and cuddle. and snuggle, he didn’t even mind when Imogen picked him up, which was a struggle as he was a hefty 13lbs.  He just hung there, while she tried to get a better grip…  Now if we could only get Goldie Hawn and Bruce Willis to make room for him in the house.  I’m tempted, I really am, and I am not even a cat person.

horrible phone photo of a happy visit with Sebastian Winky Boy


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