From Poor White Trash to Couch Potato

I have a big ol’ sofa in my study.   It is directly behind my desk and it looks weird there.  Both friends and Andy have suggested I replace it with something more ‘office’ like.  But I can’t because look;

It's hard being a rescue dog

See her there?  It’s Goldie Hawn’s sofa. 

This is her history…she was picked up at about 6 months old, running around down town Atlanta, alone…on the streets – feeling sad for her?  She was put into a no kill shelter, but spent 18 months there living in a kennel with concrete and wood chips – feeling sad for her yet?  

Andy and I took the girls to the pet store because that’s how shelters do it here, instead of going to the shelter, they bring a ‘selection’ of dogs to the pet store.   Andy and I walked along the line of crates looking at the dogs, said hello to Goldie Hawn and Al Gore in the crate next door to her, and moved on…except the girls didn’t…They were 5, 4 and 18 months old then, and every time they moved away from Goldie Hawn’s crate she stuck her paw up and rammed her head against the crate, and the girls came running back to scratch her through the bars.  They kind of chose each other – the girls and Goldie Hawn…

I remember the check out lady at the pet store asking me what sort of dog we had adopted as I bought collar, lead, dog bowls, food, a bed etc.  I looked her in the eye and said, “an ugly yellow one”.  It was a quick conversation – I just don’t do American enthusiastic gushing…

It was kind of hard taking her photo those first few days, the girls wanted to email a photo to their grandparents, but Goldie took one look at my little silver camera and ran for the hills – every time – huh…Makes me wonder what she has had pointed at her in the past.

For the first few days she wouldn’t leave the kitchen or the hall which has a hard wood floor. The floor in the rest of the house was suspiciously squishy, Goldie Hawn had never encountered carpets before.  When she did get brave enough to come onto the carpet, she would scrape at it before lying down, hard to break the habit of scraping up woodchips to lie on…

I remember the incident that took her from carpet to sofa, very clearly.  Niamhy had a pair of bear paw slippers and they growled every time you stepped down on them.  Goldie was obsessed with these slippers!  She is an expert at catching and dispatching small furry creatures like chipmunks and squirrels, and um, dachshunds, so I guess those slippers triggered something deep in her core.  If Niamhy was wearing them Goldie Hawn would stalk her but not attack (which is a good thing, because this is my first-born we are talking about here), but as soon as Niamhy took them off she would pounce and I would have to fight her to get them back.  One day I balanced them on the outside of the stair banisters, thinking she couldn’t reach them.  Goldie Hawn took a flying leap, bounced onto the seat and up onto the back of the sofa to reach the damn slippers, she was like a flying, fluffy, yellow Evel Knievel.   As she landed back on the sofa with a slipper in her mouth you could see a split second of distraction as somewhere deep below the Pycho Killer Goldie Hawn, Softie Poppet Goldie Hawn was feeling how comfy the sofa was.

So that is why Goldie Hawn has her own sofa.  When you spend the first two years of your life on the streets, or in doggy prison, the least you deserve is your own sofa…

Sometimes when she is not looking Bruce Willis tries it out for size – he’s kinky that way….

He'd love to try on her collar too, if he could get his paws on it...


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  1. She does look so very comfortable – and after her early years I too would find it hard to get rid of her sofa! PS She’s not ugly she’s gorgeous a perfect Spanish Hat Eared Dog!

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