Conversations with Jojo:

Me watching American Football in slow motion on TV: Wow, it is such a violent game…

Jojo:  I know!  And what for?  A ball, and it’s not even round….

At breakfast:

Jojo:  what would happen if you stuffed a tomato up a skunk’s butt.

Me, not batting an eyelid: I don’t think the skunk would let you, sweetie.

Jojo: Maybe we should just feed tomatoes to the skunks.

At bedtime:

Jojo: I think I like British talk better.  It’s easier to understand….except you call underwear, knickers.  What’s up with that?

The workings of Jojo’s mind are labyrinthine and captivating, I pray she is never ‘educated’ out of it.

She's actually pretty good at ice skating - honest...


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