The First Big Storm of the Season

I drove Niamhy to the bus stop today…it’s pitch black out there, the rain is torrential, thunder and lightning are adding to the drama, and we are under a tornado watch…

There were a lot of cars pulled up, waiting for the bus and of course the bus was late, but that’s ok, we were all in cars… except for two little girls huddling under one umbrella, in the pitch black, torrential rain thunder storm…hello?  That’s laid back parenting at it’s finest.

I opened the car door and hollered over the noise of the rain for them to get in the car, and they did a remarkable impression of jack rabbits leaping into the back of the car.  When they did, I realized that I knew both kids, they are the same age as Niamhy.  One of them was on the phone to her mom, and as she got in, she said to her mom, “it’s ok, I just got in a car”.  The poor child got both me and her mom shrieking in her ear!  Me shrieking, ‘tell her it’s Mrs. West!’ and I assume her mom was shrieking, ‘whose freakin car did you just get in!!?’

Is it me?  I would never let my 11-year-old girl stand at the bus stop in the weather we have going on right now…I’d rather be late for work,  or drive my kid super early to the school where they can wait in the gym…and one of those girls didn’t even have an umbrella.  It’s not like we didn’t know it was coming – this storm is a gift from Texas.  Here is what the weather channel had to say:

Morning Storms Rock Deep South

by Becky Kellogg , on Oct 25, 2010 6:09 am ET

The Deep south is being rocked with strong storms this Monday morning, just in time to make your commute miserable. From the Carolinas to Alabama, strong wind gusts and isolated tornadoes are possible with the storms. 

The storms should move into Atlanta during the morning rush hour. 

This is the same system that spawned a reported tornado in Texas on Sunday.  The storm hit Sunday night around 5:30 p.m. and destroyed at least five homes in Rice, Texas.  

The reported tornado caused extensive damage to Rice Elementary School and overturned an 18-wheeler.   At least four people were hurt.  Amazingly, no one was killed.


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