Forgetful Friday

I’m thinking of renaming Niamhy, Niamhy No-Brains.   What a morning!  First she bashes her social studies project against the kitchen counter, making a big ding in the top of the foamboard…she sat and cried while I chopped the top off (and her name by accident).  Then she forgot 2 books and some money she asked for, but decided we didn’t need to go back for it, which was just as well as the bus was already at the bus stop when we pulled up.  Getting home, I discovered she had also left her language arts homework behind, so being a dutiful parent I get in the car, go to the school and leave her homework at the front office, hoping and praying that she see’s her name on the notice board before 3rd period….unlikely.

I go home, walk into the dining room to find her flute and sheet music sitting there!  Back to the school to add that to her language arts homework…and it is only 9am.

she's as goofy as she looks....


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