Life Slightly Unhinged

I can’t believe it has been so long since I posted anything.  Life has been very eventful and not necessarily in a good way, but ho-hum.  I have been trying to find a ‘hook’ to get people to come to the school’s winter carnival.  I spotted this and suggested our principal might enjoy some ….she sent me a three word reply – ‘In. Your. Dreams’.  Clear and to the point, back to the drawing board…

Niamhy is coping so well at school, which is great because she added to the drama by breaking her leg two weeks ago.  She did it roller skating which she loves.  In fact she is counting down the days when she can go roller skating again. 

minutes before the 'snap'

She just keeps smiling!

  Even without doing anything dangerous, she managed to break her first cast.  I’m not really sure how, but now she has a really cool aircast which she can even remove for showering and sleeping!  She really doesn’t let it slow her down despite the fact that it is really heavy, in fact at the weekend I caught her both trying to play badminton and then later bouncing on a trampoline.  Sheesh Niamhy!  Broken leg – remember?!

Niamhy's Air Cast

She has been given an award at her middle school for altruism.  She was teamed up with a group of boys in her video journalism class and not only did she not complain, she kept them on task and I suspect carried them a little…it is nice that her teacher also noticed that she was going the extra mile and nominated her.

In the meantime Imogen has lost both her top front teeth…she looks pretty cute, but I can’t help wincing when she bites into hard or crunchy food, how do you do that without your front teeth?

Imogen sans teeth!

The worst news of all is that my sweet little puppy, Goldie Hawn, attacked and nearly killed a neighbor’s dachshund.  Hard to believe when you look at this photo, but she did enough damage for the dachshund to end up hospitalised (vetilized?) for three days.   Thanks Goldie – great going there.

Goldie looking guilty....not



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4 responses to “Life Slightly Unhinged

  1. Go Niamh! She sounds exactly like me when I used to break my wrist, it didnt stop me, much to my mothers annoyance lol!
    Hope she heals well soon and can get back on those skates!

  2. Goldie, you naughty hound you. Blondes, eh? Glad the broken leg isn’t causing too many problems. Good to have you posting again, it’s been ages.

    • veryanniemary

      I am sooo glad to be back! My lips have definitely been below water recently. As for Goldie, the vet bill for the dachshund is $700 and rising…Goldie is a ‘girl gone wild’ blond…

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