Why I Shower Twice in One Morning

I just took a shower, I know this isn’t exactly a blog worthy event, but the reason I took a shower is – I just helped clean the computers in the computer lab. at the elementary school.   I understand that these are little kids and we are going into cold and flu season, I get it, I do…I know that little kids have sticky fingers 90 % of the time.  I don’t understand why glitter that fell out of those keyboards , or the stuff that looked like belly button lint…



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4 responses to “Why I Shower Twice in One Morning

  1. There are possibly worse things than belly button lint lurking at the bottom of computer keyboards. Mind you, can’t think of many… You are a saint to take your children’s education so seriously, they’ll thank you one day!

  2. Doesn’t sound tooo bad 🙂 I used to work with a guy who’s keyboard was condemned when he left – nobody and I mean nobody would touch it without a pair of rubber gloves on – it was minging.

    Go on – turn your own keyboard upside down and give it a shake – it’s quite icky what falls out- unless you have a laptop – don’t shake that so hard – or a Mac keyboard – they don’t have the gaps 😉

    • veryanniemary

      I do have a lap top and all I got was some dog fluff.

      I have squeezed a generous $100 out of the PTA budget for computer cleaning. Now all I need are the volunteers….BTW that’s $100 to clean over 200 computers once a month for the whole school year – we definitely are not buying compressed air with that…I suggested a hair dryer or a turkey baster to the class moms and got two different reactions – those that looked at me like I just escaped from Broadmoor, and those who rolled on the floor laughing…I prefer the latter.

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