When I was a very little girl we went on a long plane trip.  I have no idea from where and to where, but I do remember that my parents were exhausted when we got to the hotel room.  I guess sitting on a plane for 24 hours with a bored and wriggly little girl isn’t a great way to spend the day.  They were intrigued however that the bed in the hotel was a ‘massage bed’.  You put some coins in the slot by the bed and it vibrated, guaranteeing to rumble away your aches and pains.  Since my parents were stiff and sore from sitting on the plane, they fell for it.  The bed kicked into life and reproduced exactly the sensation of……. sitting on a plane.

I had forgotten all

Couldn't find a photo of Andy on the beach, but that's ok, Imogen is prettier

about this until we went to the Barrier Islands last week.  Andy took a shower gel with him that was an exfoliating wash.  In the shower after a day at the beach, Andy discovered this scrapes at your skin in exactly the same way as the sand on a windy beach….I bet he paid extra too.

can you see the 'bits'?


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