What to do when your 11 year old hyperventilates…

this kid's middle name should be serene

Niamhy has a ‘small’ piece of geography homework to hand in today.  It is a foldable piece of paper (folded into 8 parts) each of the 8 sections represents the 8 themes of geography (you know – governance, conflict and change, pollution, location etc.)  with four bullet points on each section and a drawing as well…over the weekend she completed all the writing so that on Monday night she just had to do the graphics…let’s pause here and think about an 11-year-old trying to come up with a graphic for governance…yeah, not good.

So she did her spanish (50 words or expressions), and her language arts (mapping out a draft for a book report), then she did her science (studying for a test tomorrow), and her math (who knows what that was) and her video journalism (finding a newspaper or magazine cartoon on-line that has been used as a movie or TV cartoon – thank you Marmaduke, you big klutzy dog, you), and her music (hitting her mother over the head for failing to email the teacher).  Finally it’s time to do the graphics for geography, except that her foldable paper is not in her binder.  She thinks she must have dropped it near her locker.   Honest to God, I have never seen Niamhy go into full on panic mode before, I literally had to talk her down to a level where she was at least breathing.  So what to do when it is already 7:30pm, your kid is tired and headachy and shaking like Bruce Willis on his way to see the vet? 

He doesn't normally wear the horns to see the vet...

It’s been quite a while (34 years) since I completed a 6th grade homework project at breakneck speed – thank goodness she is allowed to type her work…and to you teacher types  out there, had it been laziness or even further into the school year I would absolutely have fed her to the lions – absolutely. Step aside Daniel, here comes Niamhy…

If that episode wasn’t enough, yesterday  was our wedding anniversary and Andy is in Minneapolis, so by the time I got the kids into bed and was sitting alone in front of the TV, I did the only thing a woman can do – I drank his Jack Daniels.

Happy Anniversary Darling...


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