Plague Year by Jeff Carlson

Time for a book review, methinks.  This book was recommended to me by Nikki of Clinicallyfedup.  Her exact words were ‘tis rather fab,’ and I thought she was good with words. Talk about understatement.

 When the first sentence reads; ‘They ate Jorgensen first.’ You know it’s going to be a wild ride! The plague is the escape of a nanotech designed to kill cancer cells and, unfortunately every other cell in a warm-blooded body.  The earth’s population is pretty much wiped out apart from little pockets of survivors above 10,000ft as the nanobot cannot survive above this elevation. There ain’t much food up there apart from the obvious….

The three main characters are Cameron Najarro , a Latino ski instructor, Albert Sawyer a man with a dark secret in the same camp as Cameron and Dr. Ruth Goldman, a scientist trying desperately to find an antibody.  Events bring these three people together in a struggle against both the nanobot and a darker plan by the governing body in California. 

I really enjoyed this book despite not really feeling it for the three main characters.  Ruth Goldman is shallow, Cameron Navarro is inexplicably loyal to Albert Sawyer, who is a dick.  Overall I’d say a 4 out of 5.


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One response to “Plague Year by Jeff Carlson

  1. It’s car crash literature isn’t it? You have to keep reading 🙂

    Mind you, it’s part one of a trilogy – and I’m not sure I absolutely have to keep reading (but I might).

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