We Survived Week One

Niamhy went off in the school bus for the 1st time ever on Monday – ever.  We have been lucky enough to walk to school for the first six years of her school career which is wonderful – until it becomes time for her to take a school bus to middle school.  Apparently the bus driver is crazy – this is not helping me.  The first day was horrible for her, she even missed Spanish class because she was so confused about where to go.  She didn’t know anyone in her classes, so she had no one to talk to (err, assigned seats Niamhy, it doesn’t matter), no recess and potentially 8 subjects worth of homework.  However she now has the hang of her schedule, realized that she does actually know some kids and the homework isn’t too bad – yet.

Imogen has a wonderful teacher, but for some reason it took until today for her to get over her fear of 2nd grade.  The upshot is that she has been so intent on giving a good first impression her agenda is already brimming with green good conduct tickets – that will change…

Jojo has done remarkably well for a kid with anxiety, except when they bumped her from advance level math to accelerated math.  She was so stressed, bless her, but not about the math, she was worried about going back to her own class and finding someone else in her seat.  A quick word with the teacher and she was reassured, phew…  She also had two teeth pulled yesterday – she refused to get into the car until I bribed her with a Webkinz, not an ordinary one a Signature Webkinz…I think I got played…

Bring on week two.


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