Why I Will Never Dis ‘Bubba’ Again

Friday 13th found us on Jekyll Island. 


  It’s a great little island if you like beaches, and don’t mind jelly fish…The girls were bobbing about in the waves having a great time when Niamhy came flying out of the water, clutching her shoulder and yelling ‘it hurts, it hurts’.  I looked at her shoulder – nothing, no mark, no rash, no swelling.  The last thing on my mind was jelly fish, but the red neck next to us on the beach, with his beer cooler, radio and fag knew exactly what had happened to her.  He persuaded her back into the shallows to wash her shoulder with salt water, dug down past his cans of brew juice and pulled out a frozen bottle of water to press on her shoulder, he told her that keeping the site cold would help the stinging (which he described as being stung by 5 or 6 wasps) and told me to ‘git her a Benedril’.  I did as I was told… 

after a few hours


I am better educated than our beach neighbor, socially and culturally higher up the scale too, but when it came to helping  Niamhy, Bubba was King…. Later on, I googled what to do for a jelly fish sting.  For the record, washing the site with salt water, keeping it cold and taking an antihistamine are strongly recommended.  Enough said. 

after 24 hours



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2 responses to “Why I Will Never Dis ‘Bubba’ Again

  1. Ouchie! And yeah – books covers are never to be trusted.

    Is Jekyll Island the one they built a huge bridge over to? I have been to St Simon’s and the Georgia coast is well underrated (good job too – keeps it free from British holidaymakes lol!) I remember seeing half a bridge – hanging in the air yet to be finished – no idea where it was going 🙂

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