Lake Lanier Islands

The summer vacation has at last come to an end, and I mean at last.  The girls started the vacation on May 22nd and Aug. 23rd    was the first day of the new school year.  Three bloody months off!  

Last Sunday we went to Lake Lanier Islands for maybe the last time this summer…the girls love it there and I am happy to act as chauffeur and escort.  I very rarely do the slides myself as I have an arthritic spine which does not appreciate being bumped about. 

Imogen at the bottom of the slide


Andy at the bottom of the same slide


Every time we visit we manage to do something different,this time we actually went into the lake!  There were a ton of little fish that fascinated the girls.  Jojo made me laugh by hauling out a chair into the lake to sit on – and why not I guess… 


There are no natural lakes or ponds in Georgia – none at all.  I have no problem with this, unlike Carolyn who is a little more squeamish about it than I.  Even the thought of the unrecovered dead bodies down there doesn’t bother me – after all the fish would have eaten pretty much everything anyway – just don’t ask me to eat the fish! 

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