Memories: The Gallery

I can’t believe that it has been 23 weeks since Tara at Sticky Fingers started the Gallery – it’s probably time I got round to putting in her widget thingy – if I can work out how….(except I can’t). 

This week’s theme is memories and my mind immediately shot back to Niamhy when she was four years old.  One day she woke up, shook out her beautiful wavy brown hair and announced she wanted hair ‘just like Daddy.’ 

Yikes! That's short....


 What?  Daddy’s hair was like a grade 2 all over – She and I talked about it for months, but she remained convinced, so I took her to the hair salon and told them she wanted hair ‘just like her Daddy’s’.   They were awesome and cut a really cute little pixie cut for her and I thought she looked adorable. 


Leaving the salon she caught sight of herself in the mirror, stopped dead and wailed,’ but I wanted hair JUST LIKE DADDY’.   Maybe when she is older she will get herself a buzz cut, but not when I’m paying… 



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6 responses to “Memories: The Gallery

  1. She looks so cute with her new haircut.
    My eldest had her hair cut very short when she was about 12, she looked gorgeous but she hated it and constantly tells me so. Lovely post

  2. Awww bless her. My little girl (4) has got really straight dark blonde hair. I am going to have to put it up every day for school but I am prepared to do that because it makes her look so beautiful. I will be gutted if she wants it cut short. Ever.

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