Confession Time

I always laugh when people complain about the PTA, or should I say the PTA President…she is always portrayed as pushy and slightly insane.  Definitely a person to be avoided.

You see, I AM the PTA President for my girl’s school and to be honest I spend a lot of time avoiding other parents…There is the woman who greets me like we have known each other for ever and chats on about her kid, the other kid, the kid down the road – I don’t even know this woman’s name, let alone what kids she is talking about.   Then there is the woman who looks at me like I’m something she stepped on, I think she subscribes to the theory that PTA Presidents should be bouncy skinny blonds. I am definitely none of these things.  I dive down any aisle possible at the supermarket to avoid meeting the apparently normal parent who has emotional outbursts that would make a two year old proud.

I love the school, the teachers, the kids, but heck those parents…sheesh. Luckily 90% of parents seem to fall into the normal category and run away when they see me. *smile*.

I told Jojo she could put a little tattoo on my arm with her new tattoo markers but she had to remember that I was meeting parents and staff on Thursday and the tattoo had to be appropriate…I’m  digging out a long-sleeved top….

Maybe I do fall into the slightly insane category after all



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4 responses to “Confession Time

  1. I think your daughter is showing fabulously artistic talent. Display those arms with pride!

  2. Oh I wish you were in our PTA – I seem to spend all my time fighting with ours on Facebook when they get all uppity and try and stick their noses into non school stuff round the village – they are a bunch of cliquey prats!

    • veryanniemary

      Now that would be interesting! I would have to have very big ‘cojones’ for that and I probably do….

      A Sassenach trying to lead a bunch of ‘cliquey Scottish prats’ to use your term (apart from the Scottish bit). First thing I would have them do is wear Jojo’s tattoo with pride- or at least wear it….

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