Ahh! The Sound of a Chainsaw…

It was a very exciting day at our house yesterday – well, exciting for me and the little boys next door and not so much for my girls and Bruce Willis…

Griffin Tree Services came to take down the two dead trees in our front yard.  I was mostly worried about the dead pine – that sucker was really tall and really dead and really near our house.  The maple was closer to our house but was not so tall and I wasn’t as worried.  More fool me, apparently the maple was so dry and brittle it could have plopped over on our heads at any minute – gulp.

I felt very knowledgeable when the city arborist asked me why I needed a permit to chop down a tree. '' It died." I said. No arguing with that.

The little boys next door were so excited by the sound of chain saws and the sight of men climbing trees and chopping things they could barely contain themselves.  The eldest actually turned to his mom as the chainsaws started up and said with a gleam in his eye ‘ ahhh! The sound of a chain saw!’ in pretty much the same way I say ‘ahhh! The sight of a donut!’

Look at that chain saw action!

Bruce Willis was very upset by all the activity in his front yard.  Clearly they were cunning kibble thieves determined to get into his supplies by climbing the trees like damn squirrels.  He did his best to see them off but they just weren’t listening….

What does a dog have to do to protect his kibble?

As for the girls I had to drag them off their computers kicking and screaming and make them look at what was happening on their doorstep.   Their collective attitude was ‘whatever’.  Huh?  Surely having trees cut down right outside the door is worth a second glance, right?  Who’s with me?  Huh, just me, Bruce Willis and the little boys next door then…

Can you see him up there? He was a little guy and given his career choice this is probably a good thing.

It is sad that my maple died, but I got this and this makes me happy…

Because then I get this…

It has Christmas written all over it


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