I Won!! I won! I won!

Well, actually I was a runner-up but hey, that’s winning too!

Tara at Sticky Fingers ran a competition for her Gallery a few weeks ago, and I was one of the runners-up!  Yay me!   The bummer is that the prize is chocolate and I know from bitter experience what can happen to chocolate in the summer between the UK and the US.  So I won and my Mom in the UK eats the prize….teamwork.  Here is the link to my post, but you should follow the link above and check out the winner and other runners uppers ( what the heck is the collective noun for us?!).



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2 responses to “I Won!! I won! I won!

  1. YAY! We won….shakes pom poms….does a little dance…prepares to eat chocolate and fend off Small Boys. I am absolutely NOT sharing 😉 xx

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