If you liked ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ visit Great Chalfield Manor

The exterior of this Manor was used in the Movie ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’.  I have never actually seen the movie, so I am just telling you what I was told.  The House and grounds are absolutely wonderful though and well worth a visit if you are in Wiltshire. 

How beautiful is this?


Check out the size of the firewood bucket!


They even have a kid flap in the front door...


I want a back door like this...



The trees are so old, they even need canes


Ming, the resident dog, was so still that I actually thought he might have expired – even when Imogen crept closer he didn’t move…then she took one more step and his tail wagged – he didn’t move, he didn’t open his eyes, but he knew she was there and the tail was all in invitation she needed. 

Ming? Can you hear me Ming?


oh yeah - tummy rubs


Happy Ming


People are always watching her with dogs and telling me that I need to get her a dog…. 

…what’s this?  Scotch mist? 

Goldie Hawn, mellow and cuddly


Bruce Willis, silly and playful


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