Scott Kelby’s Third Annual Photo walk

Scott Kelby had an idea a few year’s ago – he thought it would be awesome to arrange a global photo walk!  The idea took off and yesterday 33483 people participated in 1111 walks around the world from Gisborne, New Zealand to Koloa in Hawaii and pretty much everywhere in between including Windsor, the town I was born in.  Little ol’ me was one of those thousands of photographers (I use that term loosely,’ I own a camera’ is a better description of my skills).  I went to a town called Marietta just up the  I 75 from Atlanta.  Marietta isn’t my favorite town in Georgia, the temperature was heading up to a scary 105f, and it was humid too.   As a result I didn’t wander too far and hung around the square.  I had a great time though because the square was cool and shaded and on a Saturday there is a farmer’s market going on.

Another fantastic reason for hanging around the square is that I turned into a stalker… The awesome Mishelle Lane turned up.  Mishelle was the leader of the photo walk I did in June at Oakland Cemetery and this time I stuck to her like glue.  This was a good thing (for me at least), first, Mishelle can engage just about anyone in a conversation and does, which means we not only got to photograph just about anything or anyone we wanted but we got a lot of free samples and food prep. ideas from the stall holders. 

Secondly she is a professional photographer who not only did not smirk at my inane questions but volunteered to lend me a 55mm 1.4 lens to try…how amazing is that?  Andy is happy too because now he knows what to get me for my birthday – have you noticed how much men like to be told what to buy?  I like that in a man.

Mishelle is currently changing focus from family portraiture to weddings, this means that right here, right now if you want engagement and wedding photos and you are reading this you are in luck.   Mishelle has not built up her wedding portfolio yet and so, even though she is an experienced professional photographer, she is offering her services at silly prices until she has that portfolio built up.  Phone her quick.

I was very jealous of these little boys cooling their toes in the fountain


The fountain was beautiful

I love the colors in this photo - taken with Mishelle's lens

Andy loves this photo of apples - except they're tomatoes...

The flowers were fabulous



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6 responses to “Scott Kelby’s Third Annual Photo walk

  1. Ooh well done you – you got some great photos. I spent most of the time on the walk in Kissimmee gawping at stuff and failing to “see” much to photograph. The leader hinted at “old” and “architecture” but… yeah he probably hasn’t been to Edinburgh. I need faces to photograph I think 🙂 I got one great face – and one great dog with a mohawk – MrW got loads of good ones – swine!

    I did however get pizza and cider afterwards – AND we found a bar with ashtrays (such wicked decadence).

    I also learned how to pronounce Kissimmee 🙂

    • I’m so excited you went on a walk! Hopefully you get time to post some. photos. Yeah, Yanks have absolutely no clue about architecture. Whenever I am asked what I miss most about the UK I always answer ‘the buildings’ and that is the end of the conversation as they haven’t got a clue of what I’m takling about!

  2. you might not be a photographer but you’re very good in my humble opinion….so glad you enjoyed the day!

  3. Hi Annie! It was so great to see you again. It was so hot in Marietta but so fun. I have not had time to go through my photos just yet. Yours look great! Mishelle is awesome and so helpful. That 50mm 1.4 is on my wish list as well!

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