Is there a doctor in the pool?

Andy and I took the girls swimming this morning.  It’s a very nice pool with a sloping side so you can just walk into the water instead of having to launch yourself off the side.  Imogen stepped into the pool and yelped.   She had stepped on a shard of glass – in the pool!   Crap!   

 I hauled her off to first aid to get help with the big extraction.    

 I’m not saying Imogen is a Drama Queen,  but she had the first aider so rattled she handed me the tweezers.  Apparently my 7-year-old blue-eyed blond is scary when in pain…

The first aider said she would talk to her manager about the possibility of more glass in the pool, so caring mother that I am, I took Imogen back to the pool and threw her in the deep end.  See how caring I am?  If she is bobbing around trying to keep her lips above water in the deep end, she can’t touch the bottom where any more glass might be.  I’m good like that.  

A minute later two young men who looked like they were fresh out of high school approached me and introduced themselves as the manager and his assistant – I felt like Methuselah’s Auntie on a day trip from the old folk’s home.  They wanted to know exactly where had she been when she stepped on the glass?  After five minutes of hand waving and yelling questions to my baby whose ears were definitely below water in the deep end, they decided that Imogen and I were crap under interrogation and that they would vacuum the whole of the beach area (that’s what they call the sloping slide at this pool – it’s very posh…).   

They pulled out this huge vacuum thingy and did exactly as they had promised, dragging it carefully up and down the slope, tripping mothers with babes in arms, causing dads to lift their toddlers out of the way, all the while trying not to explain why they were suddenly vacuuming…  

When they got up to their waists in the water they put the vacuum thingy away, put on goggles and stripped off their t-shirts (which made me feel like Methuselah’s Auntie on heat) and swam up and down the pool in formation, occasionally diving down to swim across the bottom of the pool checking for rusty cans, broken beer bottles etc.   I’m still mad that there was glass in the pool, but they swam up and down like this for an hour, now that’s dedication.  Also, it was in the high 80’s and humid as hell outside the pool….I’m just saying….  

Different child and different pool, but I like it!


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