The Gallery

The theme this week is Can you see what it is yet?  I’m not great at this kind of photography – I like to know what I’m looking at!  However this is a photo of something that I love.  I love the feel, the smoothness, the weight – it makes me happy.   In return for this feeling I have made it look like a greasy, stubbly chin.  It’s not a greasy stubbly chin…..Although I did try to take a photo of the back of Andy’s head, but he kept wriggling.



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20 responses to “The Gallery

  1. the hint came when i hovered the “arrow” over the picture!!

  2. It’s an egg isn’t it?

  3. Looks just like my Wellsomer Bantam eggs! I do so love eggs so I really hope it is one or I’ll look very stupid!!!
    PS I sat right next to you at Cybermummy but came all over tongue tied! You looked very professional!

    • veryanniemary

      WHAAATT?! Where? When?

      I am getting up on stage next year, hijaking the microphone and asking for you to stand up! Forget the carnations – let’s carry chickens under our arms…

      The only person I sat next to, who seemed very shy was in the SEO , twitter bit and I was huffing and puffing ‘cos I didn’t understand a word….was that you?

      oh and yep – it is an egg…from the supermarket, but they are organic.

  4. Yup. *Squints, turns head to one side* an egg. (I think!) Hope you enjoyed your trip to Lulworth!

    • veryanniemary

      I loved it, except when I found my lazy family eating purbeck ice cream waiting for me at the bottom , they all complained that I was sweaty. I’m raising princesses…

  5. An egg? Would have never guessed it ;0

  6. How cool, think it might be an egg

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