Snuggles with Jojo

Jojo:  You smell like a Mommy – you smell like happiness. 

2 seconds later. 

Jojo:  Mommy – why are you crying? 

Jojo is camera shy - you have to sneak up on her!



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8 responses to “Snuggles with Jojo

  1. Awww…X
    Was so lovely to meet you at CyberMummy….I was so shocked that you were there, totally unexpected. :0)

    Sorry I posted this comment on your about page by mistake….feel free to delete it! Silly me! ;0)

    • Sorry to take you by surprise! It was great meeting you too, although I found the whole experience a little over whelming – especially since I didn’t understand much of the technical talk at all!

  2. Annie – it was great to meet you at Cybermummy – although it was all too brief.
    Love the pictures of your gorgeous girls!

  3. That is just beautiful and I felt every single emotion from those few short lines.
    The best things in life truly are free x

  4. Mine do that to me too usually the second after they say something like “Your not the best cook in the world are you…”

    • I am really surprised my girls can’t cook up a storm. Their survival instincts are very lacking! That said – it’s usually my husband that turns up his nose at my cooking…

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