Bean bags, mulch and underwear but not in the same paragraph.

My girls are privileged girls, really privileged.  They pretty much want for nothing.  Each one has a computer, a DS, an iPod, a camera, kindles – I could go on….So what happens when you put them into an eighty year old’s house in the UK with only a few of these toys?  You give them an oversized bean bag of course!  Wheee!  I may never give them back their gadgets.   

Jojo preferred the dive and tuck method


Niamhy liked to get some height


the Princess Imogen method


  The UK is fabulous in June.  The flowers alone took my breath away.   

  I have come back with renewed determination to inject some color into our front yard – or at least weed it, which would be a huge improvement.  Our dilemma is whether to use rubber mulch or not and, if not, what else to use.  I hate pine straw and Andy doesn’t like wood mulch because of the risk of termites and the possibility of mold…We would happily leave it bare or get some ground cover plants but the Home Owners Association will get us.  I’m not exactly sure what they will do with us if we refuse to comply with the regulations, but I’m not really sure I want to find out…I watched the Stepford Wives, I know what can happen if your zinnias are not planted by June.    

Raspberry Ripple ice cream roses...


I think Imogen thought her poor old Nana had gone completely insane.   Early one morning Imogen walked out into the back garden to find that Nana had decorated the garden with underwear….She woke her Daddy up to let him know that Nana had put his undies up like bunting …It’s called a washing line Imogen – it sometimes works faster than a tumble dryer, no really, it does.   Those damn Stepford Wives forbid washing lines where we live too and my poor youngest child has been traumatized by the sight of her father’s underwear flapping around as a result…although come to think of it…it’s not the most soothing of sights.   

look at those babies flap



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One response to “Bean bags, mulch and underwear but not in the same paragraph.

  1. lol! Much as I am loving the drier here in FL it’s shrinking all our clothes! British clothes are made to be hung out, they don’t survive tumble drying 😦 Even our towels go wonky. I might have to find a clothes horse somewhere for our linen stuff – will this be the challenge that beats Wally World? haha!

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