Home Again

I’m back in the US with no loss of life and, unfortunately, absolutely no loss of pounds either….I’m not a great flyer, which given how much I’ve done it is a bit unusual.  I’m a diplomat’s daughter and have been flying internationally since I was 7 weeks old.  Maybe that’s the problem, maybe somewhere in my subconscious I think my time is up, it’s my turn for, um, a mishap.     

A week after we got back from honeymoon Andy went to Indonesia on business for two weeks.   Three months later he finally had enough and insisted the company fly him home for Christmas, they offered to fly me to Indonesia, but Andy wanted to come home.   An hour or so before his flight was due to take off he phoned me and told me that he had been bumped.  He had refused to give the check-in attendant a $50 bribe and she had kicked him off the flight.  He would catch the next flight in 12 hours…  An hour or so later the phone rang again, my father-in-law wanted to know if I had heard from Andy.    Unlike me, he had monitored the flight that his only child was on and was  the first of us to know that the flight Andy should have been on had crashed – all lives lost…..Andy travels a lot and has been bumped once or twice since, he never complains and he never pays a bribe.   

This time it didn’t help that while we were waiting to board the plane Jojo was playing Flight Control on Andy’s phone, she is not great at bringing those babies in and the mayhem on her runway was spectacular.  Thanks Jojo!   

Do NOT give this girl a job as an air traffic contoller


The girls are great travelers and find ways of entertaining themselves when boredom strikes.   


 It wasn’t always like this, I swear I walked to the States nine years ago chasing a 17 month  old Jojo and a 2.5 year old Niamhy up and down the aisles and down and up and back again– they played tag team the whole way there – one slept on their snoring Daddy while the other ‘explored’ trailing me behind them…no matter how much I tried, the girls just wouldn’t settle to sleep with me – again, thanks Jojo!   

Niamhy has always been great at doing her research...


This time the flight was delayed by thunderstorms.  What happens if a plane is hit by lightning?  Do we drop like a stone from the sky?  Eeek!  As we finally took off I found myself obsessively looking for lightning strikes in the clouds, why is it that I always end up next to the window?  What kind of children do I have that don’t care about a window seat?  It’s not natural…   

is that lightning?!


At least the storms cleared up by evening….   



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4 responses to “Home Again

  1. Glad you made it home safe. I’m not a great flyer either so you have my sympathies! x

    • Thanks Vonnie!

      I loved meeting you at CyberMummy. You sure are a larger than life character – I just wish we could have been in a bar rather than a conference, not my best environment!!! Now I sound like an alcoholic….

  2. Not surprised you’re nervous about flying after a near miss like that! And amazing how children get good at travelling. My older two love nothing more than being on a plane, the younger one – work in progress… I know exactly what you mean about running the equivalent of a marathon while in the air.

    Welcome back!

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