The Gallery Assignment this week is ‘Motherhood’.

These hands have callouses, these hands have a broken nail and ground in dirt, these hands wear a plain gold band.

These hands have wiped tears from little faces …and vomit.

These hands have cleaned poopy bottoms…and pee off carpets.

These hands have high-fived the victories and held tight the losers.

These hands have swatted naughty bottoms and instantly wished they had been cut off instead.

These hands have cradled newborns while they slept.

These hands have hugged the fear and anger away.

These hands have clung to little ones in rough waters, air turbulence …and haunted houses.

These hands have tickled, swung and spun little gigglers until they begged for mercy.

These hands have held little wigglers as they danced in the kitchen.

These hands have tugged, pulled and forced little wrigglers into clothes.

These hands have prepared a million meals, bottles, and drinks.

These hands have soothed fevered sweaty brows and shooed monsters away.

These hands have massaged cramps and sun tan lotion into warm smooth skin.

These hands, these hands are the hands of a mother.



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13 responses to “Motherhood

  1. christinemosler

    Those hands and those words are beautiful. I am running out of tissues this week! xxx

  2. okay, yours is the first post of the gallery to actually make me cry.
    Beautiful – I love your hands, and have a sneaky feeling your children do too. x

  3. what a beautiful ode to Motherhood!
    Well done!
    Both for writing down but also for doing all this to your loved ones.
    take care of yourself and your hands!

  4. Lovely tribute, so true 🙂

  5. These hands are beautiful!

  6. Very beautiful hands and post 😉

  7. Hi,
    Sian – MummyTips / CyberMummy Here…… I’ve just posted with the info you need in order to get your pic printed for the real life CyberMummy Gallery exhibition courtesy of Photobox.
    Do add htp:// to your blogroll if you like what you read…

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